Festival Celebrations


And he took the last swig out of the pint. Moya. All wind and piss like a tanyard cat. Cows in Connacht have long horns. As much as his bloody life is worth to go down and address his tall talk to the assembled multitude in Shanagolden where he daren't show his nose with the Molly Maguires looking for him to let daylight through him for grabbing the holding of an evicted tenant.
Ep. 12 L1311 - 1316

Bloomsday Celebrations
Patrick Moloney is celebrating 3 major achievements onthis Bloomsday:
>> The production of Ulysses Uncovered in eBook format
>> The production of Ulysses Uncovered in printed format, and
>> The First Anniversary of :
The production of this  website:

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